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Khalid Zameer

Nail Art or NakhaChitraKala (Finger nail sculpted art technique) is an ancient Indian art. In Nakha Chitra an artist uses his thumb and finger nails to emboss images by moving the paper in between nails of his thumb and finger.

In most of the art forms, the surface is stationery and the tools move across it. In Nakha Chitra the instruments remain stationary and the other hand pulls the paper through the firm grip of the fingernails.By varying the intensity of his hand an artist can control the properties of the resulting drawing.

Khalid is a serial entrepreneur, an artist and a prolific urdu poet. Khalid was born and raised in a southern city of Hyderabad, India. During his high school and teenage years he learned the skill of drawing images on photo paper. Initially he drew flowers, animals and trees. Over years, he enhanced his skill and begun drawing images of human beings and historical monuments.

He is currently focusing to promote his art and takes care of his aging mother in Hyderabad, India. He just teamed up with his friend and fellow entrepreneur Rahman Ahmed to promote his art.